Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Check Out the Reviews

I gotta laugh at the reviews that Loose Change highlights at its site.

"I want to watch it a second time before writing a short review, but it was better than the first loose change regardless of the pod or not. Thats just going to cause me tons of headaches it being left out of the 2nd edition, but I guess thats my problem.

Good job on the Doc!"

-Phil Jayhan, Letsroll

Sounds like Phil was a big proponent of the pod theory.

The opening 5 minutes was so impressive factually that it was almost like a jerry meguire "you had me at hello" moment. Every rework and or add-on was rock solid and gave the 2nd edition a completeness that I didn't even think was missing.


"The best 911 movie produced is Loose change. It's a documentary you can download off the net and details how the official 911 story is the conspiracy theory. It's a superb piece of work.

Naturally Oliver Stone will never be allowed to present anything remotely conspiratorial in terms of ridiculing the official story which is a shame. Some hilarious comments above by the way.

Some of you rabid nationalistic jerk offs almost deserve the martial law totalitarian country the states is fast approaching but then of course that would mean we're all going to suffer.

Why does the wtc janitor swear their were massive explosions in the basement levels of the wtc and why was all the evidence shipped out of the country before it was examined? a federal crime."

-Aint it Cool News Forums

I kin rite good and think Loose Chains is teh gratest movee ever.


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