Saturday, November 11, 2006

Alex Jones Is Right

9-11 Denial is dying.

9/11 is the issue that will never die but Democrats have already openly announced their intentions to capitulate to Bush and join forces with Bush and the Neo-Cons - out of the gates both Pelosi and Dean have made it clear that no impeachment proceedings will take place. No new 9/11 investigation and no inquiry into Iraq. The majority of Americans want to see impeachment proceedings begin but the Democrat shills have pledged to scupper any efforts to even investigate the high crimes and misdemeanours of the Bush crime syndicate. An MSNBC poll today shows that 86% want impeachment.

This is, of course, one of those retarded online polls, probably linked at a couple major left-wing blogs and 9-11 Denial sites. These are the only kinds of polls that morons like Alex Jones link.

But Jones is right about one thing; 9-11 Denial is withering on the vine. Why? Well, it's pretty simple. Although as we have pointed out, 9-11 Denial is not exclusively a right or left thing, it is a paranoid thing. The paranoid Left and the paranoid Right have embraced it.

Now the interesting thing is that prior to 2000, there was virtually no paranoid Left active in this country. They had their heyday in the late 1960s and early 1970s with groups like the Manson Family, Weatherman and the SLA. Oh, sure, you still had the Kennedy assassination kooks like Oliver Stone, but they were pretty much marginalized.

Then came Florida 2000, and the kooks bloomed once again. They were fed by the 2002 election, in which several Republican Senators were apparently defeated according to exit polling, and of course when Bush was reelected in 2004 despite supposedly losing according to the exit polls, the surge was on.

But the 2006 election must have knocked the paranoid Left for a loop, with all their claims of "Black Box Voting" and the Diebold conspiracy. Not only did the Democrats win in a rout, but they won almost every close race as well. The nutbars didn't believe this would happen; they were sure that the Republicans would never allow the election to go forward, and if they did, they would make sure to win it. Now both those predictions have proven wrong, and about all the paranoids can argue is that somehow Pelosi and the Democrats are in on it as well. I don't expect that to be a compelling argument to much of the Left.


At 11 November, 2006 10:29, Blogger The Artistic Macrophage said...

What is so amusing is the very people they were going to approach to get their "independent investigation" are the ones they now accuse of being "in on it."

You aren't gonna get the DEMs to investigate 9/11 if you feel they were in on it are you???

such silliness.


At 11 November, 2006 11:00, Blogger Richard said...

This election only proves that 99% of truthers just hate Bush and the Republicans. It's like an extreme version of partisan politics.

At 11 November, 2006 11:21, Blogger Simon Lazarus said...

Wait - do you mean to tell me that Pelosi and Reid and Dean are NOT in on the "conspiracy"?

Holy crap! So things are happening as they happen, and George W. Bush is not controlling them! Wow!

Dylan Avery hasn't been heard from since last Tuesday, has he?

At 11 November, 2006 14:18, Blogger shawn said...

Well, firstly, the Diebold execs are Democrat supports - so the entire vote rigging conspiracy is foolish.

Secondly, there were posts and comments on blogs preemtively calling out "voter fraud" if the Republicans win, but ooh the Democrats win and we don't hear a peep.

It's like an extreme version of partisan politics.


At 12 November, 2006 03:03, Blogger The Reverend Schmitt., FCD. said...

No new 9/11 investigation and no inquiry into Iraq.

Interesting claims by Alex Jones. I mean the Democrats sure haven't pledged to conduct congressional hearings into the intelligence behind and lead up to the war in addition to the Iraq Study Group's current and ongoing inquiry into how the war is being run and how to move forward. And the NIST isn't currently conducting any investigation into the WTC7 collapse.

Another bout of excellent research by Alex Jones, credible researcher and expert on every field ever developed by mankind.

At 12 November, 2006 03:07, Blogger Pepik said...

The one thing we could be sure of was that whichever way the election went, it "proved" the conspiracy.

At 12 November, 2006 04:45, Blogger Unknown said...

I have yet to see a single piece of evidence linking 9/11 to George Bush or his administration. Yet everyday they are blamed for 9/11?

Nice post guys.

At 12 November, 2006 06:55, Blogger troy said...

Did anyone listen to Judy Wood on Fetzer's show?

Now they're talking about laser beams from outer space being used to help destroy the various World Trade Center's.

I turned numb.

At 13 November, 2006 08:57, Blogger The Masked Writer said...

Same party, different name!
Let's call it what it is, Representative Democracy cloaked in a facist cloak!

Long live Corporations!

At 13 November, 2006 15:54, Blogger shawn said...

Representative Democracy cloaked in a facist cloak!

I'd love to hear you talk to someone who lived under a dictatorship. I'm sure they'd love to hear you tell them that America is fascist.

At 14 November, 2006 10:47, Blogger Alex said...

For people like Swingy, the US Gov should set up a citizen exchange system with North Korea:

You think the US is fascist? No problem! Here's a North Korean family who'd be happy to trade places with you. Pack your bags, you're leaving tomorrow.

At 14 November, 2006 13:44, Blogger Triterope said...

For people like Swingy, the US Gov should set up a citizen exchange system with North Korea.

Or at least, they should be forced to read this travelogue.

Actually, everyone should read it. It's fascinating.


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