Friday, April 27, 2007

Sue The Force, Luke!

Heheh, one of the main reasons I'm blogging this is because I couldn't resist that title. Apparently Luke Rudkowski now wants to sue the security guard and the security company that got him busted at a WTC 7 protest. The "evidence" consists of a video that Luke and others recorded. One of the guards can clearly be heard saying that he thinks he saw wires sticking out of Luke's backpack, and he thinks Luke looks like a terrorist.

It's an amusing bit which won the NY Deniers $1,000 from Mark Dice and it certainly appears that the guard was having a little fun getting Luke busted. But he's also smart enough to say that "I think" x rather than make a direct claim. And apparently, contrary to the security guard's prediction, Luke does not actually spend 30 days in jail; he is detained for about an hour. So that's $1,000 an hour.

It's hard to dislike Luke. He's earnest and committed. Of course I am probably doing him no favors by saying that. Did I mention my personal admiration for Jon Gold?

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