Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Architects and Idiots for 9/11 Truth

One of the characteristics of conspiracy theorists is they are able to hold two or more contrary viewpoints on the same subject, at the same time without noticing any problem with their logic. One example of this is how Loose Change manages to suggest that the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile, an A-3 Skywarrior, and shoulder launched anti-tank weapon, all in the same movie. It is sort of a quantum mechanics of kookery, where any argument can occupy multiple points in space without any sort of connection between them.

Another example of this is in the supposed demolition of the twin towers. When they need there to have been explosives located there, in order to support their theories, there were explosives. When it needs to be thermite, suddenly it was thermite, not explosives that caused the collapse. Listening to Richard Gage founder of the group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, being interviewed on Kevin Barrett's radio show, I came across a stunningly stupid explanation of this logic at the 15 minute mark.

Gage: We have direct evidence of thermite to cut the steel beams, because these steel beams were cut first, and then explosively ejected out of the building.

Uhh, yeah, OK. So the thermite cut through the beams, but apparently that didn't affect the structural stability of the building, which just stood there, so they needed explosives to blow the steal beams out, thereby negating the need for thermite to cut the beams in the first place? OK, I need to stop this, it is making my head hurt.

At first I thought he just misspoke, but he repeated this theory only a few minutes later.

Earlier in the interview he actually claimed there were "no macroscopic pieces of concrete at ground zero"

Large pieces of debris, likened to meteorites by preservationists, are actually several floors of the towers compressed together as the buildings collapsed. Furniture, twisted metal, pipes, cords and even papers with legible type are visible. The pieces are kept in a humidity-controlled tent in Hangar 17 of Kennedy International Airport.

Yeah, OK. I am glad we got these elite architects on the case.

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