Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dylan On the Theatrical Release

We posted on Tuesday about how Jason Bermas stated that Loose Change : the Final Insult will be released on DVD in November, not in September as they originally promised (OK, the original promise was September of last year) and not on 3000 screens, or with a $20 million budget as they claimed in Hustler Magazine. I commented over at JREF on how the silence was deafening, the truther community had not responded at all despite the fact that their biggest icons had been lying to them, and what was supposed to be their seminal event was shrinking away to nothing. Well, someone finally asked about this over at the Loose Change Forum, and Dylan Avery responded:

THMQ, he didn't say there wouldn't be a theatrical release. He said we're still negotiating with interested parties and in the meantime we'll be releasing it ourselves to get it out.

Uhh yeah, because that is usually how major movie releases happen. You just float copies of it around on the Internet for a while, and then BAM! The next thing you know you are in every cineplex from here to Cape Cod.

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