Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Loose Change Forum Wisdom

With a bit of a sense of irony, a poster put up a list of people who must be conspirators in 9/11, only two days after Jason Bermas announced on the BBC that probably less than 50 people were involved. This list, despite being incomplete lists over 80 people, everyone from Larry Silverstein, evil Jewish landlord, to distant cousins Michael and Benjamin Chertoff. And these are just the masterminds, this does not include the people who would have had to physically carry out the plot. One can only guess how many people would be needed to blow up three large skyscrapers, make 4 airliners and several hundred passengers disappear, fake 4 plane crashes, and spread airplane debris and human remains in the Pentagon and Shanksville. Not to mention manage the ensuing coverup involving thousands of professional investigators, engineers and scientists.

The silly thing is, as stupid as this list of 80 is, it actually makes more sense than Bermas. Oh the irony.

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