Monday, August 27, 2007

Schroeder's Account Analyzed

More than Mark Roberts' (aka Gravy) terse, declarative writing style and his mad research skillz, what really blows me away is his organization (no, not the NWO). He analyzes the recent video of Dylan, Luke Rudkowski and others interviewing Firefighter John Schroeder. It is clear that Schroeder's account, like those of many others from that day, contains time-compression problems that make it difficult to reconcile his current account (nearly six years later) with more contemporaneous accounts. Mark has gone through the interview virtually line by line, and compared it with other accounts, then organized everything neatly. Not coincidentally, he has pointed out some of the fabrications that the questioners managed to insert into the video.

This has been a great day to be a blogger, with the opportunity to link to two terrific pieces of debunking research, without even breaking a sweat in the process.

Kudos to Mark! Let me remind the "Truthers" that if they want to try some real world debunking 9-11 debunking, they should call in tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9:00 PM Eastern to challenge Mr Roberts and Ron (Pomeroo) Wieck. The phone-in number is 718-935-9598.

To watch the show LIVE tomorrow night,

Go here, scroll down, and click on channel 2.

(Correction for the following. The 7:00 show will not be available immediately online, so 9:00 PM tomorrow is the time to fix in your mind if you are among the hordes of Americans on the East Coast. If you are in the blighted Central Time Zone or elsewhere, do the math. We fortunate few in the West can listen in at 6:00)

Remember that the fun actually begins at 7:00 PM eastern as well, since Mark and Ron will be discussing Willie Rodriguez and Kevin Ryan, who have declined to present their baloney to the grinder thus far. Ron would like especially to invite Willie, Kevin and Richard Gage to call in.

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