Monday, September 24, 2007

Kennebunkport Fiasco Continues to Divide the Kooks

I enjoy this rundown of the entire nonsense over at Winter Patriot. It appears to be for the most part factual if deranged. For an example of the latter, WP describes the dustup between the 9-11 crackpots and the Peace Movement as involving one side which he calls the "Paranoid Lunatics". Now you and I might say, oh, that's obviously the Troofers, right?


You just can't put the Paranoid Lunatics in with the Conspiracy Theorists and expect them to stay there. As a matter of half-joking convenience, I refer to the anti-Iraq-war people, the election-reform advocates, and every other single-issue or narrow-focus dissident group which doesn't want to talk about 9/11 as Lunatics because they think if they play their cards right they will be granted serious credibility by the mainstream media any day now. And I call them Paranoid because of their apparent belief that they will jeopardize such imminent credibility if they consort with Conspiracy Theorists, those disreputable types who don't believe the official government explanation of what happened on 9/11.

Like I say he does run down the issues well, but obviously with an axe to grind as well. Webster Tarpley does no wrong in this version of events. And that whole Lyndon LaRouche thing gets swept under the rug:

[A]s I've said all along, who cares who he used to work for? What matters is what he's saying now, and whether it makes sense. We don't have time to argue about who people used to work for. We have to consider what they're saying and doing right now.

And of course at least two other figures in the middle of the whole Kennebunkport mess are also former (or present) LaRouchees:

Bruce Marshall who actually collected the supposed signatures cited LaRouche's foreign policy nuttery when he was running for Congress as the Green Party candidate from Vermont. In 2006, not in 1997, when Tarpley claims he was forced out of the LaRouche organization.

Laurie Dobson was a LaRouchee who ran for the Connecticut Legislature in 2002. Dobson claims to have an email from one of the women in question in which she admits that she may have signed the document without reading it.

So okay, now we've got three LaRouche kooks at the center of this incident, including two of fairly recent vintage and one who claims to have been booted out of the organization a decade ago.

Hat Tip to Nico's bloglines which divulges some information about our old buddy Jenny Sparks, like her real name. Jenny also draws one of the inevitable charts showing who's connected to whom. For what it's worth I think Jenny's been basically right throughout this affair but like all kooks she mistakes some fellow kooks (Fetzer and Nico for example) for operatives.

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