Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Myths From Kevin Barrett

Earlier Kevin Barrett termed the Holocaust a "hideously destructive myth", but it is apparent that is not the only established fact that he considers a myth. From his radio show yesterday:

We lie to ourselves, partly because we want to believe things that make us feel good. We want to believe things that make me feel like I am the best, I am the good guy. That happens at every level, like these big national myths like Pearl Harbor and the myth of World War II, the heroic good fight, to commercials that try to cast you in the role of someone who is having fun on the beach drinking Coke with scantily clad women playing volleyball, “if you buy a Coke that is where you will be!” And we all want to believe that crap.

Uhh, yeah.... The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which killed over 2,000 people, is the equivalent of a Coke commercial. You do realize that you are completely insane, right?

In this show Barrett interviews "Clunkity clunk" Sofia of 9/11 Mysteries fame. I swear, listening to her would make more sense if I were smoking a joint and listening to old Pink Floyd records in the background:

Sofia: You know, somebody told me recently that, you know, he felt that we were trying to do the hundredth monkey thing. Right? Critical mass. He said we are at the 99th monkey. So why can’t we get to the hundredth monkey? Why is it so hard?

Barrett: Where is monkey number 100 anyway?

Sofia: And I told him, “From the 99th monkey to the hundredth monkey is not one monkey. It’s the consciousness leap”.

Yeah, OK....

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