Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who Did It?

Last month Loose Change "researcher" Jason Bermas commented in an interview that the "Inside Job" 9/11 attacks could have been carried out by less than 50 people. Others in the truther community evidently disagree with him, because someone has founded a website called whodidit.org which lists 103 conspirators so far.

Of the 103 people named on the list of Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators there are:
22 current or former members of George W. Bush’s White House (21.4%);
4 current or former members of Congress (3.9%);
6 current or former FBI agents or officials (5.8%);
6 current or former CIA agents or officials (5.8%);
6 current or former officials of New York (5.8%);
12 current or former high-ranking USG military commanders (11.7%);
13 current or former USG officials (not included above) (12.6%);
12 current or former members of PNAC (11.7%);
16 consultants, lobbyists, or members of a “think tank” (not including PNAC) (15.5%);
12 engineers (11.7%);
34 current or former corporate executives (33.0%);
4 senior “statesmen” (3.9%);
5 members of the Bush family (4.9%);
1 Canadian (1.0%);
1 Pakistani (1.0%);
2 Arabs (1.9%);
2 Brits (1.9%);
4 known or suspected Mossad agents (3.9%);
14 people who hold “dual citizenship” (13.6%); and

27 Israelis and Zionists (including people with “dual citizenship” noted above) (26.2%).

And this is not even counting the people who actually did the work, these are just the masterminds!