Wednesday, October 24, 2007


ln a sidenote to the troofer wars we have been discussing between the Webster Tarpley led Kennebunkport Warning group, and... well... just about everyone else as far as I can tell, old Web is now putting out warnings of government counter intelligence campaigns against them. Now just our government, apparently all of them!

It has come to our attention that certain scurrilous, obscene, abusive, harassing, and threatening emails, blog postings, and videos are being fabricated, circulated, sent, and posted on the internet by anonymous provocateurs who are evidently working for the pro-Cheney factions of the US intelligence community. An effort is being made in some quarters to falsely attribute these faked and counterfeit postings, emails, and videos to Webster G. Tarpley, Bruce Marshall, Captain Eric May, and to other persons sympathetic to the Philadelphia Platform and/or the Kennebunkport Warning. Any such attempted attribution is a lie. and its supporters, including but not limited to the persons named, have no responsibility for these items, and repudiate and condemn them in every way. The internet items in question represent the dirty tricks, provocations, and poison pen sabotage and disruption tactics associated with a world-wide chaos and confusion campaign of cointelpro orchestrated by the Cheney faction as we approach a possible US attack on Iran, Syria and other countries. Anyone who gives credence to these counterfeit items or is responsible for spreading or publicizing them is either a conscious stooge for Cheney, or else is stupidly playing into the hands of the Cheney war faction at a most critical time.

The goal of this crude campaign of low-grade internet fakes, forgeries, and slanders is to sow dissension, fear, conflict, and hysteria so as to prevent the emergence of a unified mass resistance to the Cheney war party and its Democratic Party backers. is in the process of tracking down and analyzing a global pattern of coordinated cointelpro deployments in Australia, Canada, Austria, and Germany, in addition to the United States. calls on all anti-war, impeachment, anti-globalization, 9/11 truth, civil liberties, honest vote count, labor, civil rights, ethnic minority, and other groups and persons of good will everywhere to help identify, denounce, expose, and isolate the anonymous provocateurs who are behind this campaign of falsification and harassment.

Yeah, I am sure Webster Tarpley is so important he has an entire department at Langley dedicated to him, much less at the Austrian intelligence service (does Austria even have one?). I have just one question though, what could you possibly do to make Eric May look any more insane than he already does?

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