Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ron Paul's Holocaust Denying Buddies

Yet another example of the idiocy of the Paultards. To give a little background, there is a MySpace page for a new Holocaust Denial film called "El Gran Tabu", aka the Great Taboo by longtime Holocaust fruitcake Bradley Smith.

El Gran Tabu has 1,426 friends as of today. MySpace allows people to add friends either by having the friends request to be added, or by having the friends accept your request to add them. Among El Gran Tabu's friends is a MySpace page called "Ron Paul 2008". Now, this is not the official Ron Paul MySpace page, but apparently one put up by a fan. But that Ron Paul MySpace Page has its own friends list, and the #1 friend shown there is the official Ron Paul MySpace page.

So a Ron Paul supporter is a friend of a Holocaust-denying film and Ron Paul's campaign is a friend of that Ron Paul supporter. Yes, I am aware that the campaign probably accepts any friends who request to be added, but it shows the downside of that policy.

BTW, some other interesting folks listed as "Friends" of El Gran Tabu:

Orlando 9-11 Truth Now
Noam Chomsky (probably not an official page)
Erin (almost certainly Erin Myers, who appeared in the History Channel Special on the kooks).
9/11 Revisited Film

Hat Tip: Nick Terry at JREF.

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