Saturday, November 17, 2007

Turd In the Punchbowl?

Some of you may recall that Alex Jones described David Icke that way in a Jon Ronson documentary on the latter. Jones claimed that Icke had a lot of good information (the punchbowl), but he ruined it with the shape-shifting lizards (the turd).

Over at the Looser forums, a poster notes that Alex's show yesterday was quite the barnburner:

But man, that last 40 or so minutes with Steve Quayle.

They talked about how the elites of the nwo are possessed by non human entities

He and Alex Jones were talking about how the elites are Lucerferians, and how they do stuff like 9/11 and Iraq war as blood sacrifices to the devil

They talked about nephilim, fallen angels, child sacrifice by elites, soul implanted robots/machines, nano technology, soul less clones, downloading human consciousness to a network, transhumanism, total information awareness, the antichrist, end times, etc.

I think the only thing they didnt mention was UFOs.

And the punchline:

A few years ago, like most people I woulda rolled my eyes at all this talk. And while Im not a Christian or religious, I have to say it kind of all makes sense.

Seeker 135:

There's nothing common going on anymore. A lot of data that made no sense in years past can now be connected to current events (ancient carvings of rockets in the sky, confirmed UFO sightings.) An open mind is the best weapon now.

There are indeed quite a few open minds in the "Truth" movement.

I'm downloading yesterday's Alex Jones show and will relate the lowlights.