Thursday, April 24, 2008

At Least They Are Glass Half Full Types of People

Apparently the Loose Change boys have revamped their blog. It is indicative of how much attention the Final Cut is drawing that even we haven't noticed this. Let's just face it, the WAC-Jobs chasing around celebrities and getting arrested have just been more interesting. Maybe Dylan should start chasing around Paris Hilton around Beverly Hills screaming "9/11 was an inside job" until her bodyguard throws him in a dumpster or something?

Anyway, I was amused to see this post by young Mr. Avery, commenting on the success of their recent Troofstock event:

Here I am, in sunny San Diego. Lots of things are going on. Where should I start?

TruthStock 2008 went extremely well, in my eyes. We managed to half-pack a 800-seat auditorium at San Diego State University. Here’s footage of some of the turnout:

Of course you should never post the footage unless it backs up your story, because the footage shows nowhere near 400 people, even the rows up front are nowhere near half full. No more than 40 people are shown in the frames. Unless they are all conveniently hiding out of camera shot at the back of the auditorium.