Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Debate With Jon Gold

I haven't announced this but since it's been on 9-11 Blogger and JREF I'll confirm it. I will be on a debate against Jon Gold with Justin Martell and Eric Jackman as moderators Monday afternoon/evening. As far as I know the program will only be broadcast live to a college campus, which is why I haven't mentioned it. But Justin has promised to upload the 1/2 hour show in segments to YouTube after recording, and I will upload it to SLC when they have posted it, presumably sometime Tuesday/Wednesday.

The topics will not be the usual Troofer fare of controlled demolition or north of the Citgo; we will debate whether there are unanswered questions about 9-11 and was the 9-11 Commission a legitimate investigation. I expect a lot more discussion of Philip Zelikow than Mohamed Atta, in other words.

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