Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Truth Seekers and Truth Founders

Gregory Urich, who has published a real paper at JONES (on the mass and potential energy of WTC 1), and who qualifies as a "Truth Seeker" in my personal opinion, writes on his experiences at the Scholars for 9-11 Truth and Justice forum.

I have repeatedly called on the steering committee to reign in abuses by the moderator (Victoria Ashley) on the discussion forum only to be ignored. The abuses have ranged from anti-scientific censorship tactics (i.e. moving unwanted arguments to the “Debunker” sub-forum) to the banning of members who actually call others to the mat to support their spurious claims. I have repeatedly asked the steering committee to make a simple statement to the effect that ALL evidence based arguments should be permitted on the “Scientific Analysis” sub-forum.

This certainly caused my eyebrows to raise a bit:

These calls for a commitment to the scientific process have fallen on deaf ears. In all fairness, Steven Jones has supported this, but he is not on the steering committee. Actually, one steering committee member did support this and was subsequently banned from the discussion forum after repeatedly arguing my point of view.

Sounds like Steven Jones has let another organization he helped found get away from any notion of upholding the scientific method by his unwillingness to take a stand. End result: Gregory Urich has been banned from the STJ11 forum (which is not public, by the way).

Oh, and catch this detail on steering committee member Victoria Ashley, who's apparently responsible for Urich's banning:

Victoria Ashley has been researching the attack since 2003, and has contributed unique insights into the modes and methods of misinformation used to marginalize the 9/11 Truth Movement.

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