Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Killclown on Fetzer

I happened to listen to these two jokers while on a ride this afternoon. I have not listened to the entire segment, but it's laughable how they stick with bogus claims that have been disproven repeatedly. At one point, Killtown talks about how they only pulled one piece of the plane out of the hole in Shanksville, something that looked like a motor. This is probably the photo he's referring to:

But of course he neglects to talk about this piece:

Why is that, Killclown? You like to bill yourself as a researcher on Shanksville and you don't know about that photograph? Either that or you forgot it because it's so damaging to your claim that Flight 93 didn't crash there. Here's another part:

He claims some new evidence that they were practicing the video fakery ten minutes before the second plane hit, which no doubt prove just as bogus.