Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lauro Chavez Redux

A supposed radiologist tech who was a PFC at Ft. Meade is now alleging that she heard an order to shoot down United 93. This story is so bizarre that even Prison Planet, hardly known for skepticism and research, questions her story.

While the majority of the personnel on the base scrambled to protect the facility as part of standard operating procedure, Nelson and a colleague were offered up by their First Sergeant to act as assistants to the Commander of the Base.

“All the other departments of soldiers - the nursing department, the clerical, administrational department - everybody sent their base soldiers there and I didn’t see them anymore. So basically the hospital was not fully active at that point. Everything was on hold,” said Nelson, adding, “And so I remember the room that they took us into. And they told us that we were in charge of, you know, getting coffees, any kind of snacks from the cafeteria - not cafeteria, like from the snack machines or from the place where you can get little snacks - in charge of making photocopies because she and I had the access codes for the rooms, to get in there.”

Nelson and her colleague were sat at the far end of the room and told to face the wall as the meeting of top officials on the base commenced.

“And there was probably six or seven men around this very large table, just like you would see in a big office somewhere. And they had this funny phone. It was like a conference-call phone. And I remember them sitting there and they were talking through this phone. And it seemed to me that they were talking to one or two other places,” said Nelson, adding that she suspected the men were in contact with the West Point military base an hour north of New York City.

Uhh, yeah. I am sure it is SOP that any time there is a national emergency, Ft. Meade, an army base, grabs random personnel from their hospital and puts them to work fetching coffee for officers conducting air defense activities.