Saturday, July 25, 2009

Signs of Progress?

You won't see me complimenting the Troofers very often, but here's a shout-out to those who have disassociated themselves with We Are Change Melbourne for their Holocaust denial:

Check out the comments on WAC-Melbourne's YouTube page:

The murder of >5million Jews and >5million Gentiles in the Nazi death camps is very well documented - don't fall into the trap of thinking that pretending otherwise is "Trutherist".

sorry mate just unsubscribed

Dude how can you say you are part of the truth movement and go under the name of WeAreChange when you don't even believe the holocaust happened. You're giving WeAreChange a bad image because of a ridiculous believe you hold. There's tons of evidence proving it happened and lets see evidence proving it didn't happen... Please wise up and be a bit more responsible.

Why do you deny the holocaust? That is insane... I have visited Auschwitz concentration camp myself and seen the furnaces & accommodation they had along with the miles of electrocuted fences. Stop claiming the holocaust didn't happen you are just hurting the truth movement.

You're also a Holocaust denier? (watch?v=wR6wyEnhnTQ) You are the worst form of humanity, denying that the genocide of millions of Semitic people actually occurred. How disgusting.

I 100% agree with @MrBritDestruct (I unsubscribed, unfriend AND blocked ... not wasting my time)

Friendship removed.

You give the truth movement a bad name, you holocaust-denying scum. You are not a real truther, and anyone else who really cares about justice will stop associating with this hypocritical individual/group.

Yes, there are some supportive comments as well, but apparently the Alex Jones Channel on YouTube has blocked WAC-Melbourne (see the message to Dave video at the top of that page).

Of course, this being Alex Jones, you knew there had to be a "but" in there. Here's Alex from yesterday's show interviewing the Reverend Ted Pike, an anti-Semitic nutjob:

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