Monday, August 17, 2009

Yet More Incredulity

In a post over at 9-11 Flogger. Chris Sarns posts some pics that he claims shows evidence planted at the Pentagon. It's the usual "I don't believe it would look like that nonsense that we're used to hearing from the Troofers, this time about how the light poles should have caused more damage to the ground when they were hit by AA77.

How can you say those poles would just fall over after being hit by a plane going over 500mph and not leave any gouges in the grass?

I can't believe people would vote this into not showing.
You all are so fanatically married to the official flight path that you summarily reject any evidence to the contrary.

This is bleeping insane. Have a nice day.

Sarns himself claims to not be a believer in the flyover theory; one presumes he's a proponent of the missile theory. We get the usual nonsense about how nobody's ever seen a part at the Pentagon with a serial number on it. I am pleased to see that more of the Truthers are calling the Pentagon nuts "no-planers".

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