Monday, October 12, 2009

Richard Gage in Boston

JREF forum member Mr Herbert went and shares his (painful) experience:

Gage and company asked for a minimum 10 dollar donation at the door. About 1/2 way through the presentation, he summoned his "ushers" to pass around donation buckets for everyone to put in more money. He pimped his DVD's, Steven Jones DVD's, and was even selling copies of 911 Mysteries. The truthers were unaware that Sophia had doctored the audio and in the middle of getting sued.

To which I would add that they're unaware (or ignoring) that she also markets Holocaust Denial videos at her website.

Also see here for a breakdown of the almost $3,000 cost of the event:

$500 – Venue Fee (First Parish)
$500 – Speaker Fee
$166 – Airfare
$500 – Audio Video
$400 – 14′ Screen + Skirt
$800 – Flyers and Posters in Boston

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