Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking for Updates....

How did that super fund-raising drive for Remember Building What turn out?  The Troofers were going to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS so that they could saturate New York City with subway and television ads.  Ref at JREF notes the curious lack of updates:

- No updates on this on the main rememberbuilding7 campaign website, just the old "donate now" buttons
- No updates on Facebook, they have moved on to other topics
- No updates on their twitter
- No updates on
 How much money did Richard Gage bank in 2010?  Guidestar still doesn't have the 990 form for last year, even though the 2009 form was filed by June of 2010.

Whatever happened to Bruno Bruhwiler?

I am facing 3 baseless charges. 2x Felony Resisting Arrest, and 1x Felony Terrorist Threat. The prosecution only has perjured statements by an officer who is always under oath. The badge they wear means they are under oath. The judges have violated my due process rights at just about every hearing.
Hey, I'm just asking questions.