Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Terrific Debunking

Our commenter, Truth, who I believe posts at the JREF forums as Gravy, has a terrific debunking of Loose Change online. It's in DOC format (Word), and it checks in at a little over 5 megs, but it is well worth the download. He's got everything assembled quite neatly, including what appears to be a complete transcript of the movie, and a detailed comparison of Version 1 to Version 2 (See Appendix E).

Download the Viewer Guide to Loose Change.

Let me say here that I'm quickly becoming aware that a lot of people have been working on debunking Loose Change and other conspiracy theories about 9-11, and my hat's off to them. We're late to this party, but we're pleased at the folks we're meeting so far.


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