Thursday, April 26, 2007

Over Analysis By Morgan Stack

The Irish 9-11 Denier and political candidate reflects on the South Park Episode (one of the definite high moments of debunking history).

After Mr. Mackey berates the class over the fact that somebody 'went no.2' in the urinal Jimmy comments: "Who would take a ddump in a urinal? It's such a s-senseless crime?" Here Jimmy highlights the fact that people don’t normally do things for no motive, especially where the perpetration of a crime is involved. That something doesn’t 'add up' could also be an allusion to the fact that crimes are often not what they first appear to be – and here the Latin dictum of Cui Bono or 'who benefits' has resonance. Moments later this point is returned to by Mr. Mackey when speaking to the Police officers in the toilet:

"But there must have been some motive. Nobody would just dook in the urinal for no reason." Officer responds "But who would benefit from crapping in the urinal?" Cui Bono indeed.

Indeed. That Morgan is forever digging for the pony is implied in this passage:

The problem with decoding 9/11 information however is considerably more complex. Due to the ‘controversial’ nature of the topic and the fact that individuals have lost jobs, careers, husbands, wives, kids, money, power, influence (the list goes on) when they have spoken to the truth of 9/11, anybody who wishes to do so is inevitably given serious pause for thought. This has led to the phenomenon of people writing articles on the 9/11 conspiracy that are overt dismissals of the topic, but which contain a wealth of information, and that are couched in such a way that the average non-informed reader will come away with a series of questions and/or revelations. This is despite the same writers dismissing 'conspiracy theories' in the same articles. It has happened so often in the MSM that I have lost count – I won't include any example here for fear of drawing attention to people that are essentially on 'our' side.

BTW, if you haven't seen the South Park episode, there's a Windows Media file of it at that link.

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