Monday, May 21, 2007

Flight 93 Revealed... As A Silly Book

I checked the 9-11 section at the local library today and discovered a recent addition called "Flight 93 Revealed", which professes to tell us what really happened on the hero flight.

One of the things I like to check with these conspiracy theory books is how long it takes for them to lie or make a mistake. This one might just set the all-time record, with a glaring boner in the very first sentence:

The official story of Flight 93 tells of four men who checked in at the United Airlines ticket counter at Boston Logan airport on 11 September 2001 bound for Los Angeles on United 93, a Boeing 757 airliner.

Well, he got the date right, and the fact that the plane used for Flight 93 was a Boeing 757. However, the flight did not originate from Boston Logan, but from Newark.

Crack (pipe) job of journalism by the author, Rowland Morgan, who by the way was the origin for the story David Ray Griffin bought that AA #77 had no Airfones on board. Countdown to people claiming he's a CIA asset....

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