Sunday, May 27, 2007

Griffin Buys Into Voice-Morphing for Phone Calls

Sheesh, this one's so absurd that even Dylan Avery has decided to "pull" it from Loose Change FC. In his Vancouver speech (MP3 file here), Griffin buys into some of the wackiest nonsense the 9-11 Denial Cult has come up with (42:00):

"But how does the 9-11 Truth Movement handle the fact that so many relatives of passengers claimed that they received calls from these passengers? Are we--do we have to charge that they're all lying or that they were deluded? No, although there was not the cellphone technology at that time to explain their--these flights (sic) there was another kind of technology called voice-morphing. It was already sufficiently perfected in 1999 as demonstrated by a test involving the voice of General Carl Steiner (sp?) who was quite well-known. As a Washington Post story reported, General Steiner was heard to say, 'Gentlemen, we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States Government.' Everybody in that room would have sworn that that was General Steiner. There is even a device that can fake the Caller ID Number. The technology was available in other words to fool the people who received these calls, to make them think they were really hearing voices of their loved ones. Whether Ted Olsen was a victim of this trickery or whether he simply lied about the call from his wife, is something we will not know until there is a real investigation into 9-11.

I would encourage Dr. Griffin to listen to Cee Cee Lyles phone call from Flight 93 to her husband's answering machine (presented at the Moussaoui trial), and tell us once again that he thinks that phone call was made via voice-morphing technology.

One of the things that continually amazes me about the 9-11 Deniers is the way they believe the government created this incredibly complex and vast plot but forgot to handle little things like putting the names of the hijackers on the flight manifests (yet another ridiculous claim that Griffin recycles).

Update: Note also that although Griffin states that he does not believe the families were "deluded", in fact he actually does believe it. Deluded means deceived. Griffin appears to be confusing deluded with delusional, which means "a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact." Like David Ray Griffin's false belief that the phone calls were faked.

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