Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jones and Fetzer Spar

Maybe this is why Steven Jones never got around to answering my questions, he is too busy trading insults with Jim Fetzer. Most of this exchange, posted on 911 Blogger is pretty pointless. Who do you cheer for, they are both dishonest pseudoscientists? Fetzer gets in a good line about "peer review" though, although he is hardly the one to speak about the scientific method:

Before Chandler, it was there; after Chandler, it was removed. Precisely when did you take it out? By removing a fake photo, did that qualify as one more "peer review"? The papers by you and Kevin Ryan have been posted on Scholars for 9/11 Truth web site since you contributed them. I cannot for the life of me imagine any reason for wanting them to be removed other than perhaps to conceal changes in your research across time. Everyone else who I know takes great pride in having their work posted on other sites; and, in view of history of the society, removing them would be highly improper.

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