Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Next Front

I spent some time among the future debunkers of America today. A friend of mine teaches history at a local high school, and given the attention that SLC has received, she asked if I would be willing to give a guest lecture at her school. So this morning I gave a presentation to two classes on 9-11 Conspiracy theories in general and Loose Change in particular.

It went well from my standpoint, despite one or two minor technical glitches. I couldn't surf to SLC because the high school filters blogs (probably not a bad idea), but you guessed it, one of the kids knew a way to get around the filter. The kids were attentive, sharp and appeared reasonably entertained (I tried to work in as much multimedia as possible and even managed to show a bit of the South Park episode).

If the young men and women got half as much out of it as I did it was time well-spent. Kudos to Miss Toolan and her smart and polite students, who made me feel quite at home. Go Wolves!