Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Slandering the Dead

I was listening to this interview between Carol Brouillet and Robin Hordon, and I couldn't believe the crap Mr. Hordon was making up:

When this event was planned by the military and looked at, and two years prior to 9/11 Burlingame the pilot of American 77 was involved in an exercise in the Pentagon during his Guard duty to be involved at looking at the give and take and counterplanning for defending the Pentagon from such attacks as happened on 9/11. And when you do that, you kind of have one team that says, well this is how I am going to do it, and another team that says this is how I am going to prevent it. They call it blue red or something like that, teams. All of the bugs are worked out to find out how can we penetrate the system. Well they found out. What they found out was that if aircraft were going to be hijacked and taken off course immediately and lost radio contact and transponders were all switched off, that this would trigger the FAA and the NORAD existing emergency in-flight scramble protocols and therefore the fighters would be off the ground in 10 minutes excepting a few more minutes, and they would never make the targets, so they had to make a change. The weakness in our plan in using airliners to attack this country comes from civilians doing their job.

First of all, Chick Burlingame was not doing his "Guard duty" he was a member of the Naval Reserve, there is no Navy National Guard. These idiots can't even be bothered to get the basic facts right, but it gets even worse than that. The exercise he points to, was not an exercise to plan attacks against the Pentagon, it was a MASCAL exercise, which as the name indicates is a mass casualty exercise, designed to test the response to a catastrophic event.

An Army medic found the practice realistic."You get to see the people that we'll be dealing with and to think about the scenarios and what you would do," Sgt. Kelly Brown said. "It's a real good scenario and one that could happen easily."

A major player in the exercise was the Arlington Fire Department. "Our role is fire and rescue," Battalion Chief R.W. Cornwell said. "We get to see how each other operates and the roles and responsibilities of each. You have to plan for this. Look at all the air traffic around here.

"Each participant was required to fill out an evaluation form after the training exercise.

"We go over scenarios that are germane to the Pentagon," Jake Burrell of the Pentagon Emergency Management Team said. 'You play the way you practice. We want people to go back to their organizations and look at their S.O.P. (standard operating procedure) and see how they responded to any of the incidents."

So basically this idiot makes up this entire argument in an attempt to slander Captain Burlingame and the United States military.