Sunday, May 27, 2007

We Forgot About Rosie's Video Blog!

Kudos to News Buckit for sending this our way. Rosie and the makeup gal (Helene) exchange thoughts yesterday evening about the nuclear explosion that happened on The View this week, while tippling a bit of wine and Sam Adams. Janet, who usually makes up the third part of the "Jahero" blog is banished for this v-log for her mustache-drawing escapade. Apparently Rosie will appear one final time on the show, a pretaped bit Monday for Elisabeth's birthday, and Rosie seems to gloat a bit that this will show her being so nice to Lis, how could she have stabbed Ro in the back like that?

She doesn't talk much about the 9-11 quackery here. She falls back on the wheeze that "If only it was about Bin Laden; it seems he's Bin Forgotten".

She says late in the piece that she "Supports Lynndie England, because I was never one of those rich quite guys." Coming from a rich white broad....

Rosie seems to be auditioning for the role of Hamlet with all the sighing and glum commentary. Cheered me up to no end!

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