Friday, May 25, 2007

Yet Another Claim Debunked

A lot of the 9-11 Deniers like to point out that the first chapter of Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton's book Without Precedent was entitled "Set Up to Fail". Of course, this is just another example of the Truthers inability to read (perhaps that is why they like videos so much?). I borrowed the book from the local library the other day and will be giving my thoughts over the next few days.

Why was the commission set up to fail? The book (page 15) explains:

"Both of us were aware of grumbling around Washington that the 9/11 Commission was doomed--if not designed--to fail: the commission would splinter down partisan lines; lose its credibility by leaking classified information; be denied the necessary access to do its job; or alienate the 9/11 families who had fought on behalf of its creation."

But the paragraph continues:

"What we could not have anticipated were the remarkable people and circumstances that would coalesce within and around the 9/11 Commission over the coming twenty months to enable our success."

The bulk of the chapter concerns the initial start-up of the 9-11 Commission. One minor fact that I was not aware of before: That infamous book that Philip Zelikow wrote with Condoleezza Rice? It was about German Reunification.

Update: The 9-11 Denier commenters miss the point (as usual). I am not arguing that this proves the 9-11 Commission succeeded. I am proving that anybody stupid enough to make the argument that Kean and Hamilton have admitted that they failed because of the title of that chapter, plainly does not know how to read.

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