Friday, June 22, 2007

Gutfeld: Truthers Must Die!

I'm not sure I'm doing him any favors, but I've always enjoyed Greg Gutfeld's sense of humor and today he took on our favorite set of nutbars (you may have to scroll down a bit; I can't seem to find real permalinks over there):

The truth about conspiracies is that they aren't any. If you can't prevent office gossip, how can you assume a a government can keep a secret? Human beings are natural blabbermouths. By the way, Harry Potter dies.

The best way to crush a theorist is to tell them that the real conspiracy is the plan to make people LIKE THEM fall for conspiracies. So when someone says that 9/11 was an inside job, I reply, "well, that's what the Jews want you to think," and walk away. But, truthers are as scummy as Holocaust deniers. People who embrace conspiracies are inherently destructive, because it prevents them from focusing on stuff that really matters: like terrorism or my birthday party (which is coming up by the way).

Happy Birthday, Greg!

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