Saturday, June 16, 2007

Harper's Bizarre

Lewis Lapham, of Harper's magazine nibbles at the fruit (MP3) without quite taking a bite.

"As to the question of what happened at 9/11, I am reading at the moment a book by a man named David Griffin, on the debunking of the 9/11 debunking, and he raises a number of sharp questions... which I think deserve further questioning and investigation, but I am not as yet prepared to think that the bringing down of the... trade towers was the work of the Bush administration."

Lapham is a first-class kook. Under his tenure, Harper's published an article claiming that HIV does not cause AIDS, made a call for impeachment in 2006 (thus far unheeded) and most hilariously, reviewed the 2004 Republican Convention before it happened. He's a Denialist of the first water; indeed the only surprise here is that he does not endorse the 9-11 nutbars wholeheartedly.

Update: Lapham is apparently former editor of Harper's.

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