Monday, June 25, 2007

It Was the Nukes!

At the recent denial conference in Vancouver Canuckistan, Steven Jones sits down to discuss the mini-nukes hypothesis with William Deagle, who Pat discussed before. It cracks me up how these people will sit down and discuss these inane theories as if it were the most serious and logical issue in the world. I am sorry, but Stephen Hawking is not going to sit down and debate crop circles with every nutjob who comes along.

I haven't watched the whole thing, but the most inane quote of the first 5 minutes is Deagle saying, "I think we have enough evidence for an international tribunal and treason trial". OK, what exactly is the jurisdiction for that? Is international treason even a legal concept?

Update: Jones does draw the line at the no-planes theory, which Deagle calls "ridiculous". His response is just as ridiculous though, as he replies at the 5:30 mark:

In fact what I was told by my contacts inside US Air Force, the Air Force Academy and so on was those were probably not United Airlines jets but probably E-10s.

Uhh, just one problem with that theory there doc. The US Air Force did not have any E-10s in 2001, in fact the program has still not gone into production. Some contacts you got there.

E-10 Postponed Five Years
As part of the Fiscal 2006 defense budget, DOD directed the Air Force to restructure the service’s E-10A airborne battle management aircraft program, cutting it by more than $600 million over two years.

Consequently, USAF announced in March that it would delay the start of the project until 2010. The E-10 is one of USAF’s emerging top priorities. The service expects it to be the successor to both the E-8 Joint STARS aircraft, which tracks the movement of ground objects, and the E-3 AWACS air battle controller. The new aircraft may also serve as the replacement for the RC-135 Rivet Joint signals intelligence aircraft.

Under a new timeline, USAF has delayed initial operational capability from 2015 to 2018.

Update 2: Geez, could these people have any bigger egos? From the 33:20 mark.

Deagle: I really believe that meetings like these have stopped the death of millions. What I was told in '94 by a special agent, who was actually in a cold sweat telling me this was at that time they already had 22 cities that were pre-wired with nukes, and he even told me the names of the cities and told me the top ones that were targets.

Jones: I have heard some (unintelligible)

Deagle: OK

Jones: One is not far from here actually.

Deagle: Yeah, Seattle


Uh oh, I guess I had better think of moving out of town...

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