Friday, June 15, 2007

Janette MacKinlay Connects Steven Jones to the Nukers

One degree of separation.

In a collaborative effort between Author/Artist/Survivor/Patriot Janette MacKinlay, Physicist Dr. Bill Deagle, MD, and Dr. Ed Ward, MD, MT, WTC debris has been received by a Certified Laboratory for key tests which may show definitive origination for the massive Tritium Levels in the WTC buildings.

And a negative result is not necessarily a negative result:

It is important to remember the amount of debris being tested regarding the relevance of a negative finding in this particular sample. The entire sample is only 7 grams (about 1/80th of a pound) out of 3 billion pounds of debris. Research suggests that only about 10% of debris directly affected by a nuclear explosion will show Neutron Activation. Dr. Deagle and myself encourage others with verified WTC debris to perform their own tests for the presence of isotope ratios that can only be formed during a nuclear reaction on their samples. The Tritium levels prove a nuclear reaction occured. The isotope ratios will verify that proof.

MacKinlay also provided Steven Jones with his dust.

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