Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mohammed Atta : Entrepeneur

I am continously amazed at the reports of Daniel Hopsicker's bizarrely named "Mad Cow Morning News" on Mohammed Atta. First of all, he ignores the fact that he is not the only person named Mohammed, secondly his claims have absolutely no consistency nor credible evidence.

I found his new claims rather amusing, he is now alleging that Atta was listed as the President of a corporation named Karam LLC in Orlando in 2001, according to the state of Florida, listing his address as Florida.

Government records in Florida reveal that Mohamed Atta was the President of a company in Orlando with a business partner whose web of dummy shell companies appear characteristic of the type used in terrorist financing and illicit money laundering, the MadCowMorningNews has learned.

The website run by the Florida Department of State shows none of this, so I am not sure where he is getting his documents, but this whole thing is just silly. For starters, we have nothing at all to show this is the same Atta, he even spells his name differently, and if this were some suspicious activity, why would he continue to be using his name on official filings, even after September 11th? Not like that name doesn't stand out... just a bit.

A search of the business database Hoover's actually does show this company, they run an IHOP franchise in Orlando.

Those are some pretty ominous pancakes.

Update: It doesn't show up under its name, or if you search for Atta, but the paperwork Hopsicker cites does show up if you search for Erroudani. Interestingly enough it still shows "Mohamed Atta", at the IHOP as of last year. I hear Elvis works there as a dishwasher too.