Saturday, August 18, 2007

Les "Urantia" Jamieson Group Lists Its Speakers

It looks like there will be two separate sets of kooks active in NYC around the 9-11 anniversary; the We Are Changers led by Luke Rudkowski and the NY 9-11 group led by Les "Urantia" Jamieson. The latter group has a predictable mix of aging 1960s radicals like Ralph Schoeneman and 9-11 Crackpots like Uncle Fetzer and Kevin "Air Quotes" Barrett, with Webster "LaRouchee" Tarpley and Richard "Gaga" Gage thrown in to provide the intellectual weight. About the only surprise on the list is Craig "Lloyd England is an accomplice" Ranke; with the Changers having the world premiere of Loose Change the Final Cut the Rough Cut, I guess Jamieson felt he needed a world famous filmmaker as well. Too bad he couldn't find one.

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