Sunday, August 19, 2007

NIST Deals with a Nutter

This is hilarious. Lt. Col. (Ret.) Guy S. Razer, writes to NIST with his expert testimony on the events of 9-11. However, as usual with the crackpots (scroll down a bit to WTC 7 Evidence), he does not write about anything that his supposed Air Force experience "qualifies" him to discuss with some expertise, like, oh, intercepting hijacked planes or something similar. No, he wants to talk about WTC 7.

Hilariously, he leads off with the thermal imaging, showing that as of 9/16/01, there were hot spots at ground zero with temperatures up to 1020 degrees Kelvin. Then he starts talking about the "molten steel" claims. Hell-ooooooo! 1020 degrees Kelvin is 1377 degrees fahrenheit, which is not even close to being the required temperature to melt steel.

Better than that is the overall tone of the piece, which might safely be described as paranoid fruitcake. Consider this segment:

Mr Newman,

I know how busy you must be as you did not have the time or the courtesy to return my phone calls, which your Public Affairs representative vehemently promised you would do by close of business are quickly turning into an enemy of the Truth, which quickly makes you an enemy of my friends and of me...And if you think we are going away, you are not only mistaken, but severely so!!! That is a promise and a threat!

And after that, he can't understand why nobody at NIST wants to talk to him, so he goes to one of their facilities:

NIST WTC7 Investigation Team, I really appreciated actually being able to speak with Mr Newman yesterday. Just think, it only took me all of July, an impressive amount un-returned phone calls and emails and a personal visit to your facility just to get to talk on the phone to a NIST WTC investigator, and then it was only so he could stall me until the site police chief and Lt could get there to ensure my repaid (sic) departure

I think we have a new favorite in the "Truther most likely to go postal" category.