Thursday, September 20, 2007

Donn de Grand Pre Returns

Several times I have asked the quesion of who exactly Donn de Grand Pre is. He claims to be a retired Army colonel, former OSS officer, and military insider who counts Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs Generals Shelton and Pace among his personal friends. When asked by Popular Mechanics Shelton and others Grand Pre claimed that he knew, stated they had never heard of the guy.

His name pops up again on the Veterans for 9/11 Truth mailing list (I still can't believe they haven't kicked me off yet), with one of their members asking about the guy (who is also listed as a member of the group), because apparently he had bought one of his books, and received several faxes that Grand Pre sent to General Pace. Note that Grand Pre sent them, not General Pace, which proves absolutely nothing. If you would like I could show you several e-mails I sent to my good friend Jessica Alba...

In any case, this is supposedly (somewhat dated) information from one of the faxes:

Memo for: Gen Peter Pace
Info: Col. Dick Niemela (USAF)
Col. Barry Taylor (USAF)
Lt. Col Bill Hellauer (USAF)
From: Col Donn de GP
Subject: Omani talks with Cheney
Date: 26 Feb 07

"What's this all about? You asked about Cheney's visit to Oman.

There may have been an attempt to arrest Dick Cheney when he departed Sidney, Australia. There was a shoot-out aboard the aircraft when US special forces making the arrest were attacked by Cheney's security goons. As yet, unknown number were killed.

Cheney's 757 took off and flew 3,500 miles to Singapore where re [sic] refueled, then departed for Oman, another 3,500 miles from Singapore. He is then depicted this morning shaking hands with Pres. Musharraf of Pakistan; and shortly, he leaves for Afghanistan to talk with Karzai.

I next spot Seymour Hersh this morning being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer of CNN, talking about Hersh's new article in the New Yorker (March issue), wherein Hersh is discussingthe US military plans for attacking Iran. A big question, apparently,is whether Israel will join in the attack.

Now, check your world atlas for the Middle East. Locate Israel, then Iraq and Iran, Problem is over-flight for Israeli F-16's and the need to get US clearance for use of IFF so the Israeli jets can get a straight-line pass over Iraq to the targets in Iran. Iraq, being a sovereign nation, will not share the IFF codes with Israel.

Why Oman? A likely out-of-the-way place to dispose of the bodies.

Apparently, Cheney concocted another reason. The Israeli jets would dog-leg the aerial path to the targets in Iran and fly over Oman, which gives approval to share the IFF codes with Israelis, all arranged beforehand between the USAF and the Omani government.

Major problem at the moment is that the Israelis and the neo-cons and Dick Cheney, the VP, want to strike Iran, whereas, the PRESIDENT must make the ultimate decision for the attack.

Question: Is Dick Cheney the ultimate "decider" instead of George Bush? We know now that the Join [sic] Chiefs, meeting in secret in the Tank, have already decided that such an attack will not be tolerated. At least five of the JCS - all 4-stars- have stated that if such an order is given, all of them will resign, and/or give the orders for "Plan C" (the counter coup).

The Oman thing is bizarre. For starters, does anyone really think that if Israel were to bomb Iran, the Iraqi airforce would stand in their way? Obviously the US Air Force has the IFF codes for Iraq, or hundreds of flights a day would be getting shot down. If you look at a map of the Gulf region, you will see that passing over Oman would only cut a few miles off of a ridiculously long trip around the Arabian Peninsula.

And don't even get me started about the Special Forces shootout on board Cheney's plane...

I was rather curious about the other three names listed besides Pace's. I couldn't find two of them, but Colonel Dick Niemela is apparently, big surprise, a member of the Christian identity movement.

As I have discussed before, Grand Pre has ties to Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites like the American Free Press and the Barnes Review. I actually managed to find a copy of his book "Barbarians Inside the Gate" on-line. (No way in hell am I paying for it). To no surprise two prominently listed sources in the footnotes are the aforementioned Barnes Review, and its associated Journal of Historical Review. The book as a whole is pretty bizarre, with chapters titled "FDR's Bloody Road to Bolshevism" and "Nazi-Zionist Secret Alliance". Oh yes, another towering intellectual figure in the truther movement.

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