Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mikey Metz Responds

To the comments left in his original post, and to his co-founder of the UAlbany Truth group.

I am truly sorry that my actions as a “truther” deeply upset you. It was never my intent to spread lies about what happened on 9/11. Like all truthers, I truly believed I was doing the victims a favor by asking those questions. But, I was wrong to do so without doing my own research. I cannot imagine the torment caused to a family member of a Flight 93 victim, for instance, trying to be told that it was shot down or there was no plane to begin with. It’s completely wrong to try to downplay the heroism of these victims, by saying that “boxcutters are a joke” or the “let’s roll” remark was just a govt. psy-op to invoke patriotism.

As far as putting more effort toward “countering my lies,” I’m really torn. As mentioned earlier, those guys are still my friends and I just can’t picture myself following them around and discrediting them as they’re handing out their pamphlets. My hope is to attempt to show them the light, but some of them are so invested into it, I’m not expecting too much. For now, I’m going to try and stay consistent with this blog to take down the real culprits—the heads of the movement who are lying.

That's just a superb response, and one that I have no trouble accepting. You know one obvious sign that Mikey wasn't really cut out to be a "Truther"? It's that he writes so clearly and cogently, with none of those misspelled words, none of that cutesy "cuz" for because, no unformed thoughts. That's pretty rare in someone his age and even rarer among the blackshirts.

He's apparently got a response coming for Dylan, and I am looking forward to that greatly!