Monday, October 22, 2007

How Much Did It Cost?

Dylan now:

All I'm going to say is this movie has cost us six figures to make.

But back in August, when it was reported that Sofia's 9-11 Mysteries had cost over $100,000, Dylan was just a tad skeptical. Here is the relevant bit:

Lucus: It cost Sophia $120K to make 9/11 Mysteries so I hope she gets that back soon in the chain sales.

StopSnitchin: no offense, but sum1 overcharged her, the original loose change only cost like 2,000 (correct me if i'm wrong) and in my opinion it was much better than 9/11 mysteries..... what cost her so much ???

Lucus: All the video footage so she could make hi-res DVDs.

Dylan: LUCUS...

She used the same footage everyone else uses.

Don't kid yourself.