Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Alex Jones a LaRouche Kook?

Okay, this is coming a little out of left field, but after forcing myself to watch a little more of Alex Jones' fruitcake mockumentary Endgame, I was stunned to see that old leatherlungs is a Queen Elizabeth crackpot. In a bizarre segment beginning at about 1:20:40, Jones intones over a video of the Queen greeting some folks:

"It is important to add that the President is merely a puppet of the global crime syndicate and may not use the new powers, but simply pass them on for use by future puppet administrations."

The clear inference is that Queen Elizabeth is part of the global crime syndicate. Alex is hinting she may be running a puppet administration in Washington. This is of course LaRouche writ large.

Jones goes on to present courageous segments against Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and Idi Amin. Somehow Idi doesn't make the final Rogues' Gallery, though:

Now that is just plain weird, and it's weird in a Lyndon LaRouche way. LaRouche has always had a fixation on the British royalty, as is well-documented, claiming that Queen Elizabeth heads up the international drug trade. Now, just as it is dawning on Truthers that LaRouche is inside the house, Alex Jones puts out this obvious appeal to the LaRouche kooks.

Update: Good backgrounder on the LaRouche Movement here. Hat tip to commenter James Cooper.

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