Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just How Stupid is David Ray Griffin?

David Ray Griffin continues to show that he will stick with any myth, no matter how stupid. Yesterday he appeared on a radio show on KGNU (available here starting about 17 minutes in) doing his "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" bit. Amazingly, he still tries his air defenses at the Pentagon story, despite still having no evidence beyond his argument from personal incredulity. Incredibly he now even adds the claim that "many buildings" have air defenses. Oh really? Can I get some for my garage?

Well, many buildings have missiles on them, anti-aircraft missiles. And the airspace that is over this triangle, that connects the White House and the Pentagon, is prohibited airspace. That means it is not only restricted, it is absolutely prohibited to any commercial aircraft. And so, you would know, and many people have said, that there are anti-aircraft missiles on the Pentagon, which are sensitive to any unfriendly transponders, and that would mean, only military planes are allowed to fly over there. And so if you had a commercial aircraft, it would automatically be shot down. So those would have had to have been turned off.

Yeah, whatever you say Dave...

About 35 minutes in "Harry from Toronto" (Cannuck in the comments) calls in and recommends people check out (thanks for the mention). Griffin, of course, dismisses this blog as "absolutely ridiculous nonsense" (considering the source, probably best endorsement we have ever received) and suggests people check out the Architects and Engineers site. The whole exchange is excellent, but too long to transcribe, so I highly suggest you download the MP3 and listen to that part at least.

Later on Griffin makes an admission as to how crappy the first 2 (3 really) versions of Loose Change were:

There were some problems in the first two versions of Loose Change. Loose Change: Final Cut will be coming out pretty soon, I happen to be the script consultant for it and you won’t find the kinds of problems in it that can be picked apart and used to discredit the whole thing, the way you could in Loose Change 2.

Kind of like people who support really bad football teams. Yeah, you just wait until next year!

And finally Griffin makes another admission, that even after 5 books on the subject, and a 6th on the way, he still doesn't even bother to figure out what actually happened.

I don’t get into these questions as to what really happened and develop a theory about it. My own focus is on the evidence that the official story is false.

Yeah, we know that Dave. If you actually had to say what happened and defend your hypothesis, well, you know how ugly that would get.