Monday, October 22, 2007

Loose Change: The Final Insult Release Official

The previously announced Internet release date for Loose Change version 4 is now apparently "official".

The film will first be available online as a digital media download at, and on November 11th, and orders will be taken for the DVD that same day before being shipped out on November 26th.

With spin like this though, they should seriously consider a career in politics.

The film will be subject to selected cinematic release in 2008, but many grassroots and selected theatres have already agreed to pick up the movie from December onwards across the U.S and Europe and the Loose Change team are encouraging activists to ask that their local theatre to screen the documentary.

"Many of you have asked us about a mainstream theater release and are aware that we spent considerable time in Hollywood negotiating with different producers," reads the Loose Change press release. "After many weeks of consideration, we decided that a Hollywood release just isn't right for Loose Change. In order to access the normal "big movie" distribution channels, we would have to relinquish editorial control of the film. This just wasn't an option for us, as the integrity of our message is ultimately all that we have, and we feared that "the machine" would corrupt or squash our film and its movement."

"We have decided to challenge the traditional marketing channels and reinvent the way that films are distributed," it adds.

Yeah, otherwise, you couldn't get anyone to stand behind your crappy film, despite your promises of 3,000 screens and a $20 million budget, so you had to stick with your usual Google video solution.

I loved the optimistic ending though.

The release of Final Cut will no doubt be met with a fresh offensive of Neo-Con attack propaganda and attempted debunking, but with polls showing an increasing amount of people having grave concerns about the official 9/11 story, its arrival will herald a new leap forward for the 9/11 truth movement and signify the next step in educating the world about what really happened on September 11, 2001.

An increasing amount of people? That would be 4.6% in your latest poll. Heck, last year you were claiming 84%!