Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, It Convinced One Skeptic

Oh, my goodness!

7 Amtrak Passenger cars. (Aluminum skin over steel frame, with windows, carpet and seats, and some wiring. Sound familiar?)

2 motorcycles. (Two high speed projectiles, largely comprised of aluminum, a little steel, and some fuel)

Please connect two trains so that they are in pairs of three (much like the WTC Towers were really three 33 story buildings atop one another). Place them at the highest point in Iowa, and spot them side by side on a pair of rails. For argument's sake, even let the skeptic stack the cars vertically, if they feel it is warranted.

Please spot the seventh (WTC 7?) just a little ways away on a siding.

Now, ask them to run the motorcycles as fast as they can go, one each, right into the sides of the train cars. Allow them a modest fire where the bikes went in.

Ask them if it would make sense, if an HOUR after the bikes hit the trains, the entire train exploded into dust. Further, that FIVE hours later, the 7 car that was on the siding all by itself, also exploded into dust, just from the shock of what it had seen.

Oh, so the skeptic can stack the train cars atop each other?