Saturday, October 13, 2007

Who's the Best Debunker?

Over at 9-11 Blogger, there is a great deal of concern about a questionnaire sent out by a NYC psychology student. Nick Levis, last seen backpedaling furiously from a debate proposal with Mark (Gravy) Roberts, urges his fellow crackpots not to answer the questions. It's the usual fruitcake paranoia time:

While certain to be inaccurate due to methodology, and invalid due to its inherent assumptions, the results of the survey may still affect those who self-identify as "truth movement members" by either reinforcing or discouraging opinions they already hold. This will favor group-think over critical assessment of one's own chosen facts and opinions. Are we genuine skeptics or followers? Are we activists or navel-gazers?

The questions were posted in the comments section (under "Feel free to vote down and collapse). It's pretty non-controversial, but I did like this question:

72. Please rank these "debunkers" according to how effective you think they are in opposing the TM, most effective to least
2) Popular Mechanics book & article
3) JREF/Mark Roberts
4) Screw Loose Change Blog
6) Other:

Effective is of course a very subjective word, especially in this context. It's like asking a creationist who's the best at arguing the evolution side.