Friday, November 09, 2007

Damned If You Do...

As we constantly point out, the troofers are the masters of the non-falsifiable belief. No matter which way the evidence points they will always come up with the same conclusion. For example, for years now all we have heard is how no investigation was done of the World Trade Center debris, how they didn't look for explosives, how they destroyed all the evidence and shipped it off to China etc.

This is of course false, as we have pointed out many times in the past, but I was very amused by this post over at 911 Blogger, asking, ominously, Why Were Bomb Squad Teams Present in the Evidence Sorting Area at Fresh Kills in Staten Island and quoting from a Red Cross (you know those guys involved in the demolition of building 7) volunteer:

Anything of importance is quickly inspected and handed over to the specialists, either the bomb squads, Secret Service, CIA, police or whatever agency that needs to be informed. Off to the side two folding tables covered in muddied plastic are there for placing evidence that needs to be recorded. A large hand-painted cardboard seen behind the tables reads: "No body parts on the table"

The blogger than asks again:

So my question is... WHY were BOMB SQUADS there ?

Not a smoking gun or anything, just something that I wanted to share...

They were... you know... participating in the investigation, along with thousands of other members of the FBI, NTSB, NYPD, and FEMA.... that you guys claim never happened.