Monday, November 19, 2007

Democracy For America Allowing Troofer Posts?

The old "Dean for America" group eventually became "Democracy for America", but the Dean family is still running the show, with Howard's brother in the chair. Apparently despite Howard's famed speculation about how Bush knew about 9-11 because he was warned by the Saudis, DFA has (much like Kos and many of the larger liberal blogs) distanced themselves from the conspiracy nutbars. But perhaps that is changing?

Where are all the video tapes taken by the FBI from all the local business and buildings after the plane (?) crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11?

The Citgo video was released and didn't show much of anything. Again, the kooks have this weird notion that the building they never tire of telling us was the "most secure" in the world, also had dozens of cameras from neighboring buildings aimed right at it.

It's disturbing that there seem to be cracks developing in the defense the Left has erected against these wacky conspiracy theories.

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