Sunday, November 25, 2007

Great News for Leo Wanta Fans!

That $4.5 trillion he had? Because Citibank won't pay it to him, via treble damages and interest it's now up to $14.55 trillion. Or even more:

Therefore, by escorting the Principals away from the bank, Citibank recklessly increased its liability to the Ambassador from $4.85 trillion, to a prospective $14.55 trillion. Had the Editor of this service been a banker, he would have calculated the interest on the basis of overnight interest accruals, which would have raised the rough estimate of $350 billion interest payable, to between $1.0 and $2.0 trillion. Therefore, the actual triple damages for which Citibank would be liable, following its reckless 'conversion' action on 20th November, could be as high as $19.5 trillion.

If this continues, Ambassador Leo Wanta is going to have all the money in the world.