Monday, November 05, 2007

How To Restore the Constitution? Start By Breaking the Law...

A week or so ago, a story was broken that some of the emails supporting Ron Paul's campaign were coming from foreign nationals. Now it turns out that some of the money that Paul is raising may be coming from overseas as well. Check out this post at the Looser Forum:

Unfortunately only Americans can donate due to election laws.

Unless you can find a Ron Paul supporter in the US, that you trust, that you may want to "BUY" something from at a very inflated price. :P

Oliver links to this post over at the Ronulans message board suggesting the same thing:

I know you can't donate to the campaign, but you can donate to individual Americans. Money is always of concern and your meetup groups want to help, we could sure use it.
We need to do all kinds of advertising - television/print/radio
I'm pretty sure that if you wanted to, you could send your money to a trusted American and ask THEM to donate to the campaign
I'm sure there are many ways that we could put your money to use that would help us get Ron Paul's campaign an asist.

I'd be willing to be a collection point (if you will) to distribute funds for various advertising projects, or to the campaign if that is what you wanted. PM me if you are interested.

One person does pop up to question the ethics of foreigners and Americans conspiring to circumvent the election laws, but that's pretty much it.

This of course is Guy Fawkes' day, when the Troofers vowed to raise $10 million in honor of V for Vendetta. How are they doing? According to this site, they're at $2.9 million, which, while far short of the goal is still an astonishing number. I remember Mitt Romney pulled a stunt like this back in the spring and managed to rake $5 million in a day. So Paul's haul is not a record, but it should buy him a few headlines tomorrow. I am hopeful that some of the reporters will look into the source of all this money.